Wednesday, 25 February 2009

As above so Belew

10.16 am I've been a bit busy lately working on new songs and a couple of covers so now I have 90 odd minute set. Looking into doing some house concerts inspired by steve lawson. I'm also working on a couple of secret type projects that will be awesome if they come off(join my mailing list here for more info). Just dowloaded all the photos from the last few weeks - snow really messes up London: 020220093041 020220093034 020220093023 This is Adrian Belew - hes a great guitar player who also could have a full time job as a Terry Nutkins (UK 80's TV Legend) impersonator: Hes played with Zappa, Talking Heads and King Crimson and loads others - I really like his song Dinosaur from this video sort of Prog Beatles which he originally wrote for King Crimson. Had a wonderful evening last night Mr S made pancakes - click on the link for the recipe, awesome. I've just heard the long rumoured Faith No More tour is happening this summer - fooking great - wonderful band. Right time to practice. Matt Stevens

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