Wednesday, 19 November 2008


22.41 Brought something I shouldn't today - i'm too old to be buying toys: Photo 103 Finally admitted that the Echoplex outboard looper i got a few months back isn't for me - great thou it is. I've connected 2 line 6 dl4's - sounds great and i can do 2 loops at different times like a DJ or apply effects to either loop, brilliant. Photo 107 Nearly finished writing 6-7 new songs for album number 2 today although they still need work I'll play 2 or 3 at the next few gigs. They are Hello Mendoza: Kind of Dead Kennedys meets Flies In The Basement off my first album Blue Filter Portishead/Mahavishnu type thing with John Barry chords & Big Sky Bit Explosions In The Sky/Sigur Ros? Still working on Logic stuff - getting closer all the time... One last vital overdub: Photo 110 Matt

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Anonymous said...

Haha.. for 5+ eh :) I think we should all buy toys - and in some ways we all do anyway, only we don't call them toys.

Blaa... What I really wanted to say really was good luck for the new collection of music. /L


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