Thursday, 13 November 2008

Mitch Mitchell

Hendrix Class - sadly Mitch Mitchell passed away yesterday - brilliant drummer, paved the way for Billy Cobham etc I posted my album to listen to on my blog yesterday and got a bloody great reaction. Really means alot after 18 months of work. Your feedback really helps and inspires. Have listen to Echo, my album here on the widget - Tomorrow i'll start writing about where the tracks came from and how they were recorded. Thanks Matt Stevens

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Anonymous said...

( Had to write this here as your .com wouldn't accept my email address for some reason? and haven't any other way to contact you apart from in tiny chunks @twitter :).)

Anyway..great to hear your latest - online - last eve. Thanks! :)

(I really like the graphics and layout @ matt stevens Guitars and samplers too.)

Just to say I've added you to my blog role at P O N O R blog.

Hope what I've said's OK.. if not let me know and I'll add, change, delete etc.

N.B. You're at the bottom of the page but only cos you're the latest addition :)
Go here:

All the best /Linda.. P O N O R
( Feel free to delete this asap... sorry to clutter up with this here..)


Sad about Mitch Mitchell .. Hendrix and his band were/are amazing and there's so little really good live footage around. /L


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