Saturday, 29 November 2008

My album track by track part 2

All about my album part two...... The Rules: 1 - All sounds to be produced by one acoustic guitar (hitting it, looping it, overdubbing it, volume swells etc) 2 - The songs to be recorded as close as possible to "Live" We did bend these rules as making a good record was the real point of the project (we added a few hand claps and some stomping on one song). I'm really pleased with the finished results. The album was recorded at Pinna Studios (a bloody great studio in East London) and mastered at Livingstone Studios (Wood Green). It was produced by Kevin Feazey and mastered by Sonny Simpson. Airships Another thrash metal/Sepultura inspired song for the chorus meets Friday Night In San Francisco for the verse, I tuned down to drop D for this one. Only played it live once - the rhythmic guitar banging at the start was put together by Kev in the studio. The section in the middle at half time can be done live with the DL4's half time feature and then overdubbed in harmony and then sped back up again. I like the solo at the end. Drama In The Coals The first song in odd timing something i love - inspired by the likes of the Mahavishnu Orchestra, Fripp and The Beatles (loads on Strawberry fields). Its in 5/4 and drop d again although I play it in E live. The metal section in the middle reminds me of soungarden and the picking is kind of Radiohead/Crimson maybe? My favourite guitar solos on Echo are the ones on the heavy bit. The title comes from watching an open fire when i was a kid. Have a listen here on the player Thanks Matt Stevens


Thomas said...

Really like that half-speed bit in the middle of Airships. I was never terribly good at using the DL4's speed or reverse modes, myself--mainly just kept it in half-speed mode for longer loop times.

Unknown said...

I use it for extra time as well - you can do so much with the DL4(i've got 2 now!)


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