Sunday, 16 November 2008

My album track by track

All about my album part one...... The Rules: 1 - All sounds to be produced by one acoustic guitar (hitting it, looping it, overdubbing it, volume swells etc) 2 - The songs to be recorded as close as possible to "Live" We did bend these rules as making a good record was the real point of the project (we added a few hand claps and some stomping on one song). I'm really pleased with the finished results. The album was recorded at Pinna Studios (a bloody great studio in East London) and mastered at Livingstone Studios (Wood Green). It was produced by Kevin Feazey and mastered by Sonny Simpson. Burning Bandstands This is the first song we recorded in early 2007. We recorded the parts piece by piece into Pro Tools then stacked them to simulate how i play them live. For the intro I was thinking of eighties Thrash Metal acts such as Metallica(the middle of One from And Justice For All), Kreator and Sepultura. The end section guitars are 4 parts stacked in harmony based on arpeggios of Bmsus4 and D9 over the Bm/D7/E first Inv/Em first Inv. This song comes from a song i used to play with a band called Trinovantes about 4 years ago and has been played live at every gig I've done. This is Burning Bandstands live at Spratton Gathering: Matt Stevens


Thomas said...

Those are good rules. Did you guys ever think about ReWiring Ableton Live into Pro Tools? My experience with PT (up to 7.3) was that its looping is functional but not terribly efficient compared to Live. I always found myself wanting at least a good soft sampler, which didn't come with the version I was using.

Unknown said...

Yes!! Going to get Live soon


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