Sunday, 14 April 2013

Why aren't Fierce And The Dead playing Electric Garden Festival now it's not funded?


Sad news, the Electric Garden Festival hasn't not raised it's full amount to go ahead. They are staging a cut back version of the festival, sadly we The Fierce And The Dead can't afford to lose at lease £300 to play the gig with very little chance of recouping. We wish Ken all the best, he's a great fella. My friend Andy made a good point:

"The trouble is - especially after Y Prog folded - is that people won't commit until they're certain it's going ahead. But it won't go ahead until enough people commit to it. Vicious circle"

True. Once we'd paid for 2 hotel rooms (hotels more expensive on Saturday night) plus van hire and petrol we couldn't justify it without funding as we were unlikely to cover costs (our time isn't paid for but we're all losing a day where we could be working, big difference for freelancers). Often we play for nothing but to pay £300 to do it we just can't, it's not sustainable, none of us are rich. Here is the official statement from EG:

"Although we were delighted with the response to advance sales via we have been unable to raise enogh funds to hold the festival in the original intended form.

The festival will, however, go ahead.

All pledges via Fundervine are null and void and no money will be taken. We will announce revised line-up and ticket details tomorrow.

Many thanks for your support and understanding."

Info at:


Unknown said...

Matt, when art and music are no longer funded by the state, we have shifted away from the light. Keep the faith and play when and where you can. Listen to no one except the spirit that drives creativity. Nuff said.Manonbus

Unknown said...

Cannot believe six fans could not fund this? I would be happy to throw in £50 and I cannot even attend. Playing live, you need the vibe to enforce the creative spirit.

Mark Ramsay

Jude said...

Sometimes you have to listen to your head and take the practical route even though your heart is saying 'do it anyway'. Creativity and pragmatism need to be finely balanced...

Josh said...

The Fierce and the Dead made the right choice based on the circumstances. If a festival expects you to suddenly play for free out of lack of funds after booking you, they are unable or unwilling to commit as much as a potential audience, if not more. Love the music that you guys make and you should not lose money to play it. It's lunacy. Play more local, non festival gigs or go on tour and play with 1 or 2 other local acts...just my opinion.

Your Friend,

Unknown said...

Sad news but completely understandable. Simple truth is that there are now too many prog festivals taking place during the Spring period. The audience for this kind of more adventurous rock music is finite, as is the money they are able to spend on gigs in the current climate. The prominence of HRHProg and Celebr8 means that smaller festivals may need to relocate to the autumn if they want to remain viable.


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