Sunday, 10 March 2013

Newsletter :)

Just quickly, I'd like to say thanks loads to everyone who came to the gigs this week, the Fierce And The Dead and solo gig "warm ups" in Birmingham and London - both trying new songs. Was fun and by playing new material live you learn so much. Really tightens you up. Us playing new songs in Birmingham:

This is the last week to download this 8 track free sampler album featuring my music, Fierce And The Dead and more:

If you like this music please share it, post a link on a forum or on your Facebook or Twitter or copy it or burn a CD for a friend. It really helps and makes a big difference. 

Some exciting gigs coming up, I'm supporting Colin Edwin (Porcupine Tree) and Lorenzo Feliciati, then opening for former Zappa guitarist Mike Keneally. alongside my friends Godsticks in Newcastle then off to Cardiff. Full details of shows here:

The Y Prog festival we were supposed to be playing on Saturday 16th is now cancelled (non UK gig info to follow).

Then I'm launching to a crowd funding campaign to fund the new Wooden Boxes EP. I'll really need your help and I really hope you can be part of it. I'm so excited about the new music. 

My band The Fierce And The Dead are recording a new album, our first for a label and we're playing this festival in Blackpool that needs your help:

They are trying to crowd source it, so you can pre order a DVD ft all the bands for £9.99, even if you don't want a ticket. Good people.

Also there is an interview with me in the new issue of Acoustic magazine in the UK (the one with that Slash of Guns N Roses on the cover) and we're having a good discussion on the Facebook about what everyone is listening to join in here:

As ever thanks for all your support, we couldn't do this without you. 

Speak soon


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