Friday, 16 December 2011

Relic Track By Track Part 10 - Matt Stevens - 30 END

John Barry passed away this year and this is a track very much influenced by him, hes a major hero of mine. My friend, teacher and mentor Richard Beaumont introduced to his music outside of the bank holiday bond themes. Fantastic composer (as is Richard). I like the Mellotron a lot on this. The title refers to the song being the end of a trilogy of guitar albums with Echo, Ghost and Relic. So its all about the end of something. Its too easy too look back at the past, time to stop looking backward, always move forward. Like a beardy shark.

Some people have been critical of the ending for being a bit odd. It is. I like it, and I think its an interesting way to end an album. Its me on my knees attacking a line 6 DL4 pedal, changing the delay times to make UFO sounds.

If you've ever seen my live show i do this a lot.

Its odd - Relic has been criticised for being both too weird and too safe. Its a real problem working out who the audience is for this stuff. I've been very lucky to find a supportive audience so far. Thank you.

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