Thursday, 8 December 2011

My album Relic Track By Track Matt Stevens - Scapegoat


I love this one, mainly due to the middle part by Chrissie Caulfield once again, her violin really sounds amazing. When i make records the only person I'm trying to please, initially is me. Go listen to her band Catscans now!

This song reminds me of that Summers/Fripp record. Through this one there is a Bm sharp 5 chord going through virtually the whole song, its almost a one chord wonder, in 13/8 with other chords over the top. The middle is my favorite bit with this ascending violin part that we looped up and then we put piano on it, i like the way it sounds quite straight forward but isn't.

Live i play this with a whammy pedal. Video here.

I think sometimes what i really want to do is be a composer.


vintagesound said...

Yes total remnant sounding of the "I advanced Masked" LP by Fripp/Summers.
Very nice Matt!

Unknown said...

Thats is EXACTLY the reference - was listening to that today - great album :)


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