Tuesday, 20 December 2011

House Concerts :)

I posted on Twitter yesterday today about house concerts and a few people seemed interested. This makes me happy as I love house concerts and they allow me to play places where I can't draw a massive crowd without losing lots of money. What normally happens is that the host charges a small amount (say £10) to the people coming to cover the musician's costs and travel. 

Whether you allow strangers in to your house is up to you or if you just want it to be just you and your friends that's also cool. It's your night and the important thing is you enjoy yourself. 

Your address will not be posted on my website for all and it's not a public venue! Some hosts provide food/drink but it's up to you, it's your night so whatever makes you happy is all good! 

If you can supply a PA/little amp that is great or I can bring my tiny busking amp :) You don't need a massive house or anything like that :)  To cover costs we'd probably be looking at around a minimum of £100 to £150 in the UK, probably twice that in Europe. No US house concerts planned as yet!

Thanks loads - my email is mattstevensguitar@btinternet.com if you want to set one up :) 

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