Monday, 2 May 2011

Fierce and Dead/Final Ghost gigs....

Hope you're good. Happy Bank Holiday if you're in the UK :)


The gig supporting Fish was cool - Fish was very good to me, a very decent man with a high degree of respect for his fans. The final Ghost gigs continue next week with a gig at London Camden Unicorn then continue to Brighton, Blackpool, Rochdale and Ilswyn. If you want to hear the Ghost stuff these are the gigs to go to. There is a quick preview of my third solo album here.


The new Fierce And The Dead (the band I play guitar in) video is here:


It is very different to my solo music - I hope you like it, very much a collaboration with my friends Stuart Marshall and Kev Feazey. We finished the album in an epic session on Saturday. This song features Terry Edwardson sax - he has played with Nick Cave/Lydia Lunch/PJ Harvey/Spiritualized and the amazing Scapegoats. The album is out 16th May.


CD copies of Ghost and Echo are £10 this month if you want them - I'm off to the post office tomorrow so will send them then - been a nightmare sending CDs out with all the bank holidays in the UK - apologies for any delay - only 3 posting days in the last 11! Thanks so much to everyone who has bought CDs and downloads - you allow me to keep making music and keep doing this, I really want to get at least one more album done and your support allows me to pay to record. Hugely appreciated. You can order here:


If you like the music please tell your friends, burn copies and post it on Facebook and Twitter, this is so important. We don't have money to throw at marketing and the fact that people have downloaded the albums (now in their thousands) is down to people like you telling their friends. It means a lot to me.


Thanks very much



Matt Stevens

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