Monday, 16 May 2011

New Fierce And The Dead Album out today

The debut Fierce And The Dead (the band i play guitar in) album is now available to download at:

It always a bit weird putting out new music, you have no idea if anyone will like it. You just don't know, the reaction so far has been amazing....

You can pay any amount to download or order the forthcoming CD (delivered in June). Paying for downloads or CDs allow us to keep making music, it all goes direct to us (via bandcamp), not a record company. If you have a blog please write about it, Tweet about it, share it Facebook, post on a forum, burn a CD for a friend or just tell someone. Thats the most important thing, if you like the music please spread the word.

We're really excited about the album and hope you all enjoy it. We hope to see you out on the road later this year.

I'm doing a couple more solo shows in the next few weeks on Thursday in Blackpool with Credo and Also Eden and then a benefit for Amnesty International in London on the 28th. If you're going to the gigs come up and say hello!

This from the gig i did @ the great escape last week. Yes I was wearing my own band's T-Shirt.

Thanks loads

Matt Stevens

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