Thursday, 28 April 2011

Why do you play in odd timings?

I'm not one to dwell on stuff but was pleased Jerry Ewing, editor of the mighty Classic Rock Presents Prog magazine played my song 8.19 on Mick Wall's show last night on Rock Radio, was weird hearing two journalists, whose stuff I have read since I was at school, talking about my music. It made me very happy :) Check out the playlist:



Someone asked me why I play in odd timings?

It's not an interest in “technical” guitar playing.

It's not about being “clever”.

It's about playing music that feels right. Sometimes riffs just come out in unusual timings, thanks to me listening to a lot of:

The Beatles

The Mahavishnu Orchestra

King Crimson

Bill Brufords solo stuff.

Frank Zappa


And later on Radiohead and Battles - who all used odd timings.

When I was a teenager. My guitar teacher Richard Beaumont got me playing in odd timings in the very early stages of my playing. Thankfully I got it in the end, although I found it difficult for many years. Thanks for everything Mr B.

Tomorrow is the gig I'm doing supporting Fish in Rushden, doors open at 7pm (I think) – it's virtually sold out but there may be a few tickets on the door. I'll take some photos and tell you all about it.

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