Thursday, 12 August 2010

Lets Make A Movie!!!

Hello Loyal Readers

OK so I've been thinking about the next project, the next "daft idea" - after "Big Calm" and "Twitter Chords" . I wonder what would happen if we tried something non musical?

Lets make a movie!

So the idea is we all grab a track off my album Ghost and make a short movie for it(I will be making one as well) here a wonderful example of a video made by a listener, the legendary 23rdjoker:

It would be amazing if we could make videos for all the songs on the album and maybe edit them into one big movie?

I am constantly blown away by the talent of the readers of this blog.

All the music on Ghost is creative commons licensed for non commercial use and I'd be happy to thank you personally on the new liner notes PDF that I'm going to add the bandcamp version of Ghost.

What do you think?

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