Saturday, 28 August 2010

Ghost Track By Track Part 1

As of today there are 2 CD copies of ghost left - if you want one let me know!!

My album Ghost track by track

Into The Sea

5/8 - into 4/4. Latin to post rock? I like the melody on the second bit. Kev who produced Ghost played some percussion on found objects, bottles and tables and we added the reversed guitar part going into the coda section. One of the last songs we recorded for the record and one of the songs we recorded at my house rather than in Pinna Studios. I'm really pleased with the way this came out.

I think the end is a bit ELO, with one of those Discipline era King Crimson type guitar parts running thru it!! I have to be careful with the odd timings/arpeggios thing as I don't want it to become a cliche but with the percussion i think we got away with it, moving away from the verse chorus verse chorus solo out structure.

I don't think I've ever played this one live but will try it in gigs once my back is sorted. I'm really happy with the way it lifts into the bridge section. No guitar solo on this one, which was something i wanted to move away from as i'd done a lot of that on Echo, the previous album.

All the guitar parts were played on my broken Ibanez acoustic and mic'd up using I think a Rhodes NT mic.

Big Sky

The closest thing to a rock song on Ghost - it reminds me a bit of Sugar and Bob Mould and My Bloody Valentine, the melody part is played on a whammy pedal, set to an up an octave up sweep.

Live i do the backwards end using the reverse button on the Line 6 DL4 pedal and drink a beer, its the only time in the set I get to have a drink. A few people said the backwards section was a bit too much, but i really wanted the woozy/psychedelic backwards feel.

I wanted to get a real feeling of joy to it. Some people have compared it to the Arcade Fire which I can kind of see that.


James Corachea said...

Very interesting read. Is downing a pint at the end of Big Sky part of the live act? When you do recover enough to perform these tracks live, I think most of them could be arranged as a two-piece group with you and a drummer/percussionist.

Unknown said...

Well, its more of a case of its the only time i can do it :) Yeah a 2 piece line up would be very cool - might be a plan.


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