Friday, 27 August 2010

Guitar Player Review and all that


Its been a interesting week. Been writing songs for the 3rd album - pretty much half way thru now. I might do it as a pre order funding thing - i asked the people of Twitter and they seemed keen - what do you think?

Last Friday Ghost(my new album) got reviewed on the new Guitar Player website - this meant a lot to me as I've been reading that magazine since I was 14! They said:

"He's an experimental guitarist with lots of fresh ideas and new takes on loop-based guitar composition.

(A)quirky, inventive, mostly upbeat, and entirely delightful instrumental album...
While the music occupies its own creative zone, I found myself free associating names such as Brian Eno, John Martyn, Tom Verlaine, Anthony Phillips, Yo La Tengo, Steve Tibbetts, and even Radiohead while listening" Guitar Player Magazine US

Which is nice. Also there is a really cool in depth track by track break down of the album here on the Reviewbru site.

I went to the Osteopath(I've done me back in) he said to play in 20-30 minute bursts and ease my self back into playing that way so thats what I'm doing - gives me hope!

The Video Project is still going strong - if you missed it the idea is for the community here to make videos for every track on my album ghost - the more videos the better - I announced it a couple of weeks ago and have had lots of interest, which is amazing and the lots of talent involved. Steadicams to Iphones its all cool. I will publish some of them on the blog next week. Can we say a deadline of the end of September?

Speak soon


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