Sunday, 25 April 2010

"Free" Music

This is a preview of a song from Ghost which is my second album which is out in June. If you want to download the track, pay what you want and help us finishing making the record that would be great. Free is also fine! Please let me know what you think of it?

This new record is quite different to the the first album - its like a cross between Echo and The Fierce and The dead.

I like giving away free music - in fact please DO upload my stuff to file sharing sites and take away free music from my site. One thing i would ask is that you perhaps email the mp3's of songs you like to your friends and help spread the word - thanks so much.

Also out next week is a limited edition CD Digipack version of my first album Echo its available here.

I hope you enjoy this music.



philwbass said...

This is where the reactionary anti-file-sharing forces get it so wrong. Free is good, free publicity, free promotion -getting a wider audience - doing what record companies having been using huge outlays to do in the past.

My days of taping records in the 70s led to me buying 100s of CDs/LPs and spending loads of money on music.

Unknown said...

Its a tough one - i'm more worried about people hearing my stuff rather than worrying about "piracy". If it give more access to music discovery thats a good thing.

Nikki Pilkington said...

It's nice to see someone agrees with my thoughts on giving stuff away for free :) I'll spread the word!

Unknown said...

Thank you! Isn't it crazy that record companies used to spend ages trying to get people to listen to music and now they are trying to stop music discovery.

Really the key is to build a community online.

Scatterfilter said...

We may be at a point of turnaround here with itunes promoting distribution to indies and new artists taking advantage of the model of viral distribution. There may eventually be a way to monetize it for the individual artist rather than a label.

It seems to underscore live performance much more than it had in the past. Home production advances more every day, so quality recordings from living room sofas become worthwhile even to the most rabid audiophile.

Where will it go? Will we see a phone with a full audio recording suite soon? Cakewalk for Android? Flashmob concerts? I think we're just seeing the beginning.

Anonymous said...

Oohh Flash mob concerts - like that

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's difficult getting my head wrapped around the "freeconomics", but in time, I'll sure I understand. What is very obvious is that fan-bases are built organically, and that can only be a good thing. I for instance don't ever pirate things, but free music encourages me to buy and support. I want a CD for instance.

Unknown said...

I think we shall just have to see how it all pans out but at the end of the day I hope that if you put out good stuff you will be rewarded for your efforts.



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