Sunday, 7 February 2010

Sunday Free Noodle 1

This is the first Sunday Free Noodle

The Sunday Free Noodle project is a free MP3 every week - remixes, collaborations, live stuff, spoken word stuff and other odd things - for the next year. 52 MP3’s, (thats a lot).

This project has only really come about because i have injured my back and have had a chance to go through my hard drives whilst lying on the floor with the laptop on my chest. Odd how things happen.

I really want to be a collaborative process. Let me know - if you are a remixer, cellist, vocalist, percussionist, film maker,trumpet player or visual artist or anything else let me know(although I draw the line at juggling) . Perhaps i could send you some stuff(loops and noodles) to add something to?

I would really be interested to know what you think, comments would be lovely?

I think it will be a challenge to keep this going and I’m really looking forward to doing it - please subscribe to the podcast feed on itunes to get it free every week and tell me what you think(yes you can say if you think its crap).

The first Sunday Free Noodle is a song from my album which is out later in the year - its called Moondial. I thought if i post something fairly representative of my stuff first so you can get an idea of what I do before we launch into the spoken word/ambient/death metal stuff.

The musicians are:

Me - Guitar/Xylophone

Kev Feazey - Production/Loops

Stuart Marshall - Drums

It was recorded last year at Pinna Studios(before my back went).

I hope you enjoy it.


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Nuno Barreto said...

Already subscribed!

The podcast is a good ideia to spread the word on you music!

Now i am on exams season, so time is limited afterwards I will buy some of your songs!

Unknown said...

Thanks Nuno - cheers for subscribing mate - good luck with the exams

James Corachea said...

Good idea Matt. Hope you can come up with 52 noodles. I'd be up for collaborating. Besides guitar and bass I've got a real piano, a flute and a bodhran, though at this stage any percussive sounds I can now create on the guitar!

Unknown said...

James - are you up for playing Flute on something - i've got somthing that it may work on - let me know mate

James Corachea said...

I think so. Any time after 'Sunday Free Noodle #2' I'll be able to record stuff.

Unknown said...

Brilliant cheers James

B said...

Some collaboration would be very cool to try out. Remix, drums, perc, whatever. Great idea.

...The glockenspiel is so out of tune mate! (No it's not a Xylophone, that one is made out of wood....;-))

Unknown said...

Cool - the what i love about the glock is that its out of tune!!!

the Nail said...

Wow, Matt - I'm totally diggint this, concept and all. Would love to be involved! 52 weeks is plenty of time; it's certainly to maintain a high level of musical output. Count me in!
OK, now I will go back to the Sunday Noodle, since commenting made it stop. :)

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

That would be AMAZING man. This MUST happen!!!

the Nail said...

... ad happen, it shall. :)


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