Thursday, 11 February 2010

Podcasters and Bloggers are great


All - still lying on my back with my back injury - I have had to cancel the gig i had hoped to do this weekend, the promoter was really understanding but i still feel really bad about it.

Kev sent me the first mix of the new Fierce and The Dead stuff we recorded last year - thats a 3 piece band thing i did with Kevin Feazey and Stuart Marshall. What we did was improvise around the 3 themes for Snow(the track thats on Echo) and Kev took them back to his computer and created an arrangement. They sound really good. Its all electric and noisy which is fun, looking forward to playing you that.

I have to thanks the following blogs for writing about my music(thanks so much):

Nice interview here Matt Stevens – Guitarist

A Little Saturday Night Music

Bearly Rambling on Matt Stevens

Pit me on it Download: Matt Stevens "Echo

The following podcasts also feature my at the moment music(thanks so much):

Made in the UK 83
It's A Frog's Life Acoustic Podcast: Show 98 - The gasman cometh
Ed's Mixed Bag - ~A weekly music podcast~
Nick Tann - Is This Thing On?
the bugcast - episode 094

Don't forget to download my free song a week here:

(thats the Sunday Free Noodle)

And watch this film which features my music

And if you are facebook inclined this is my page there


Matt Stevens

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