Friday, 5 February 2010

Remix project update

Hey guys

An update on the remix project - its all still happening. We are currently waiting to get the stems from Kev Feazey who produced the album(they are currently locked in his garage!!). Hopefully we will get them this weekend and i will then upload them onto the web into a drop box where everyone can download them to produce remixes. I am really excited about this project as:

A - Its something I can do while lying on the floor and resting my back(still causing me serious problems)
B - The people who want to get involved are incredibly talented - I am amazed at the amount of people who want to do it.
C - Its another album to put out - which is always cool - I will probably do it as a free download from my band camp page.

Echo my first album is still available as a pay what you want download here:

<a href="">Burning Bandstands by Matt Stevens</a>
I will keep it like that until the end of Feb.

Also tonight my friend Rob from the Atmos trio is liveon ustream at 9pm - hes very good:

See you guys soon

Matt Stevens

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