Wednesday, 16 September 2009

duo gig Virtual Sound and Vision Festival

Its been a while since i've blogged or even done much music(busy busy on other stuff sadly but it means i can afford to do music and keep a roof over our heads!!).
This is Adrian Belew - a big inspiration - hes played with loads of people and an amazing talent,
On October the 3rd at 6.15pm I'm playing the Virtual Sound and Vision Festival in a duo with Kevin Feazey playing the music for my second album and some improvisations, I'll be on Guitars, loops and synths w/Kev on bass,synths and xylophone. Can't wait to play the new stuff to you guys. The Virtual Sound and vision festival is an online festival and you can watch it at the VSVF website here.
Preliminary Bill of Artists/Running Order
Note that performance slots will be 40 minutes each, with 5 minutes changeover time/commentary added after each slot. All times in UTC.

16:00 - Jim Goodin
16:45 - Stepthen Moyes/Agnes Hays *
17:30 - Moinsound *
18:15 - Matt Stevens
19:00 - Flying Dream *
19:45 - Jean-Paul De Roover
20:30 - David Cooper Orton
21:15 - Fabio Anile/Xavier Mussard *
22:00 - Jeff Duke

(acts marked with an asterisk are those including a dedicated video artist).
Special video contribution by Emile Tobenfeld aka Dr T
I'm also playing in Spratton Kings head 10th october at with the open mic and loads of others and I've confirmed some more gigs for next year.
I've been watching those Beatles Documentarys and do you ever wonder what the beatles would have done with todays technology?
Matt Stevens

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