Sunday, 22 March 2009

This is the new Reverbnation retail widget - any good or a hard sell??? What do you think?
Messing around with ustream at the moment still - anyone up for watching a streamed gig online "live from my boxroom" - i've watched a few gigs recently via ustream and have been really impressed. Very cool chatting to other people from all over the world whilst watching a gig in New York.
Photos from last Sunday:
A lovely day
180320093155 150320093146
I may be playing live this week - i'll let you know.
Matt Stevens


philwbass said...

Love the photos. Trees/sky are one of my favourite things to photograph. Go for the Ustream thing and see how many watch - nothing to lose - I'd watch!

Unknown said...

cool i'll try it soon

Nick Tann said...

Ustream rocks lots. I will be a regular broadcaster. It's the new TV mate

Unknown said...

Will test it tonight again


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