Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Improvizone 3 Dr Dorian

I've been writing a testimonial for my guitar teacher Richard Beaumont, here it is.
Richard is an inspirational teacher and one of my biggest influences.
He's a world class guitarist and his enthusiasm for theory, odd timings, inversions, guitar orchestration, indian Ragas,the Mahavishnu Orchestra and the Beatles keep me playing to this day. I have many happy memories of our lessons and the way he pushed me to be a better player, as have many of my friends, his influence could be seen on many of the excellent players in the local scene. His books on lead and chords also come highly recommended.
I spent 10 years learning from Richard and always felt there was so much more to learm - I hope to study again with him in the future when I am visiting Northamptonshire.
Here is song from the improvizone gig I did last week. All improvised - sounds a bit floydy to me.
It features:
Andrew Brooker - Electronic Drums/Vocal Loop
Nick Cottam - Bass
Me - Acoustic Guitar/Loop
Simon Taylor - Trumpet
Nils Eyre - Electric guitar
This photo is by Andrew:
from his blog - just hit play on the podcast player. This is also on itunes(do search on me)
Have a listen and let me know what you think. If you can think of a title or want more info head over to the improvizone website.
Matt Stevens


Rich Whiteley said...

From one improvising musician to another, I really enjoyed that. Fantastic stuff.

Unknown said...

Thanks Rich - have a look at - loads of cool stuff there

Anonymous said...

Wow, I guess that was the first time I've heard your voice and you sounded different (in no way bad at all) just different than I thought (and I'm not referring to an accent or anything.) What great music, esp since it was on the spot! It gives a very floaty feeling. My 6yr old loves it - (first thing he says if he likes it - "Mom can you put it on my shaker? it's a kids mp3 player). I'll have to think longer on a name. Great music.

Unknown said...

Thanks Kim - music for 6 year olds - that is so cool!

Keep thinking


Anonymous said...

Cool post. Beaumont's way of thinking has always been a big influence for me. Gotta pop in and see him sometime!


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