Sunday, 14 December 2008

Oakley Arms Rushden Closed

16.36 l_23828bc688d86f4bbde0b2bd191dbcc2 Sadly the Oakley Arms in Rushden has closed - i saw more gigs there than in anywhere else. Now there is nowhere to play in Rushden where I'm originally from (maybe I could play in Spencer Park?). When i was young growing up there were loads of bands in the Rushden area Draw, Nerve, Dereks Experiment, ASJ, Scavengers Daughter, Fly Agarics - all the bands that inspired me, maybe 20 odd bands. When we got our first band together (Rushden's least successfull Avant Garde Thrash metal beat combo) our main goal was to play upstairs at the Oakley and the second gig I ever played was there and around 100 others afterwards. We took it for granted and now another small venue is gone. I know people are saying its a good time for live music but making money from any business seems to be bloody hard now. And where will I go for a pint in Rushden now? m_b28123be94b47d3049e851813f0c1c9e Bugger Matt Stevens


Bran said...

Yeah very sad all the really nice small venues are facing hard times and either closing or changing into some sort of thmed pub.

I recently found some footage from the Railway in Harrow - the HighNumbers(TheWho)1963 - That was a place that my band managed to play before it became a Snooker HAll.

All the best with Echo I have posted something from Spratton on my Blog (Burning Bandstands) and will hopefully have the bits on "Projects" in the NEW YEAR. All the best for 2009 !

Unknown said...

Thanks mate


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