Wednesday, 17 December 2008


11.29am Hey The Oakley arms boarded up(courtesy Derek ) s685821633_1284309_5412 s685821633_1284187_9112 s685821633_1284184_5808 Really sad photos, I have been talking to Derek who used to play at the Oakley a lot about finding a new venue for live music and hes hopeful for the future and finding an alternative venue. I still want to do a gig in Rushden in the new year. I just uploaded a very short new podcast. Heads down towards christmas now - Photo 150 Reading this Eno biog at the moment - interesting guy but i'm not sure he's the genius people say he is(after all he did work with U2!). Matt Stevens

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Nick Tann said...

Sorry Matt, still haven't reviewed your album yet although I have listened to it all.
After thursday I will have more time.
Keep the faith geeza


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