Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Happy New Year

Happy new year!!!!! Some photos from the last week.... Whats this Mrs S is getting for Christmas? 251220082521 Mrs S made this: 231220082512 She is a woman of many talents! This is our christmas house guest Talker (Kev's cat). 261220082533 Today I met up with Kev and visited Denmark Street: 311220082552 311220082545 (lovely Gretch Falcon) Wandered around Foyles: 311220082549 and found a Scary book: 311220082547 What kind of a hobby is that!!!!! We made some plans to record some electric noisy versions of the stuff on Echo - Snow, Dolls House, Bandstands, Chasing The Sun and a couple of new songs with a full band. New years eve is a really weird day and the pubs are full of idiots so I think I'll have a night in. Matt Stevens


Anonymous said...

i thought that was a lovely unwrapped dress you were giving mrs s.
wot a disappointment it turned out to be a guitar! hahaha.

best for 09
francisco de la Brawth

Unknown said...

She seemed happy@

Speak soon mate


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