Friday, 28 November 2014

Matt Stevens December News


Hope you are good? 

Today I saw a trailer for Star Wars 7 that looked pretty cool and now I'm off to see my friend Kavus play guitar for Gong. Happy times! 

If you want to get my band (The Fierce And The Dead)’s latest album Spooky Action for £1 (download) or £5 on CD this offer finishes at the end of November. You can order it here:

And also my first 3 (pre Lucid) albums (Echo, Relic, Ghost) are £1 each on download until the end of November as well. Get them here:

And if you are feeling the Christmas spirit a bit early you can download my version of Silent Night here:

Purchasing these downloads allows me to keep making music and paying the rent and is very much appreciated. Thanks to everyone who has downloaded already, it means a lot to me. 

Speak soon 

Matt Stevens

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