Saturday, 5 April 2014

Lucid Week 1 - Thank you for your support!

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has purchased Lucid this week and the support of the team at Esoteric Recordings/Cherry Red. I’ve been absolutely blown away by the response. Amazon UK sold out day one and it was in the top 350 best sellers in all music on the site, which is just incredible. It’s also had some really good reviews, I never expected this to be honest, even Alarm Magazine made it an album of the week! 

If you like this album please tell your friends, it does make a massive difference. Sharing on Facebook and Twitter, blogs and forums really does help. 

Amazon UK have stock now (but running low):

(please consider writing a review!).

As do Burning Shed:

And its on iTunes:

other digital sites and various retail shops including HMV, Fopp and hopefully your local indie record shop (if you have one). I like record shops. 

Amongst many lovely and supportive reviews, this is one very detailed one by Oliver Arditi:

"one of the most fully engaged, artistically courageous recording artists currently active, and this album is his most ambitiously conceived, rigorously realised, and emotionally powerful release to date."

But there have been many others and they are all hugely appreciated. 

Thanks for your support , slightly dazed and confused now. 

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