Monday, 31 March 2014


My new album LUCID is out today via Esoteric Recordings/Cherry Red Records. 

You can hear clips and find out more about the record on my website. Please hit share and tell your friends. You can order it here:

Itunes link is here:

Or at your local record store or Amazon etc…. 

If you want to review it on Amazon here, that would really help:

Also if you have a blog, tumblr, Facebook or Twitter or are a member of any forums and you can post about the album there it makes a massive difference, at this point it’s all down to the word of mouth, nothing else will help it to reach the audience in the same way. It’s down to that now. I’m feeling pretty optimistic! 

I’ll be doing a streaming event online at 7pm UK time today to celebrate, you can watch on your computer. Full info and international times are on my website.

This is the culmination of 3 years of work and your support is hugely appreciated. 

Thanks loads.

Matt Stevens

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