Sunday, 2 February 2014

"It's OK to torrent music, cause musicians make it back on the touring"

"It's OK to torrent music, cause musicians make it back on the touring" 

If only people knew how untrue this statement is. 

We're so grateful for people coming to our gigs, promoting them and making them happen. And we LOVE doing them. But if we cover costs we're lucky (let alone rehearsals). And it's the same for all the people I know in bands (even some famous ones). 

Not moaning (no one makes us do gigs and I have no real sense of entitlement) but just wanted to point out the untruth of the statement...

Anyone off to Camden tonight to Stab A Dead Horse with Knifeworld and TrojanHorse - message me for the cheap list :)

Here is a lovely audience from Nottingham on Friday :) Awesome gig:


tomasz. said...

it also shafts musicians who for whatever reason can't tour or simply don't want to play live, which is a valid option.

Unknown said...

Yeah totally does, not good either way.

Scatterfilter said...

When the artist is not recompensed in some way, there is little reason to deliver anything. This is the simple reason that piracy doesn't work, and is detrimental.

Jacque said...

Agreed, attitudes like this are ignorant of the reality of life for _most_ working musicians.

As I said in a tweeted response to this thread, the question to ask, then, is "very well, have you paid to see live shows of, and purchased quantities of merchandise from, the artist whose music you are torrenting?"

Not everyone tours, not everyone has merchandise. Musicians make music, that is their product. If you use it without making some sort of compensation, that is all you are doing, you are not somehow promoting them or "spreading the word."


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