Thursday, 13 February 2014

Hear a preview of my new album.

You can hear a preview of my new album at:

The feedback seems to be pretty positive to the new solo stuff we previewed on the Classic Rock Presents Prog  website yesterday, which is really pleasing. It does mean a lot, can't wait to play you the whole thing. Not seen the usual "is it prog?" debate yet. My favourite comment was that it was like "Crazy Horse after a couple of terms at Berkley" which is kind of what I was going for :) The record as a whole is pretty varied from full band stuff to solo acoustic.

I'm gonna be offline for a few days working on a special project, that I can't talk about but does give me the opportunity to work with a bit of "prog legend" and a very talented musician.

As Stan Lee would say "Excelsior!".

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