Monday, 27 August 2012

CELEBR8 PROG FESTIVAL - So I did a little tour (Part 4)

And so it ends. And what a way to finish the Relic tour. The UK's biggest niche prog festival. CELEBR8

600 people over the weekend. A lot of people (although some never made it to the Acoustic Stage). 

Some reviews by others:

And in the new issue of Prog magazine

Sat Jul 7 2012 8:00pCELEBR8 @ THE HIPPODROME
Kingston upon Thames, UK

This event was organised by 2 legends of prog Geoff Bands and Twang (not Twig). Well done for an amazing event. Incredible stuff. 

I brought my own road crew:

The q:

Credit to - for the Photo

I was playing last on the Acoustic Stage - kind of a "bar bit" round the back of the main stage. The Hippodrome is a massive nightclub. Bits smell of sick. Most of it was OK :) 

The audience reaction was remarkable - i even did Get Carter as an encore! They were clapping along!

Honestly, it was amazing. Great crowd. Compact and select, the best of the best people there :) 

This is by Moonshayde

All the bands on the main stage i managed to catch were good (when not setting up my stuff etc). Was great to chat to all the people in the bands back stage - everyone was nice, to be fair, very realistic about the nature of what we do, no rock star egos. 

Met up with lots of people who have supported my career in music, shook a lot of hands. I am so pleased to be part of this community. You lovely people. 

Sun Jul 7 2012 8:00pCELEBR8 @ THE HIPPODROME
Kingston upon Thames, UK

Back again. I seemed to be playing first this time :) 

And it's on Video: 

Between playing i heard a bit of Dec Burke's set, those guitar  parts are mental - harmonised widdle genius :) 

Tinyfish were great, their final electric gig. Emotional. Lovely people. 

Then it was all over. 

My friend Kerry from the US did a Greys tune. I love the Greys :) 

So I'm cutting back on solo gigs to get Fierce And The Dead going. More solo stuff. Next year.....

Recording a couple of solo tracks soon thou :) 

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