Sunday, 22 July 2012

So I did a little tour (Part 2)

Sat Jun 23 2012
8:00pLansdown Hall/formerly Th...
Gloucestershire, UK 


From the site:

"EppyFest is happening on the evening of Saturday, 23 June 2012. The event will offer a night of exciting and eclectic English music, featuring the poppy psych folk of Candythief, the loop guitar wizardry of Matt Stevens, and William D Drake & his band are headlining with their neo-classical art rock."

My friend and podcasting legend Ian from Epileptic Gibbon podcast put this together - lovely audience :) Candythief was wonderful - she does these amazing harmony things and writes great songs. 

William D Drake - listen to this it's great:

William D Drake was remarkable. One of the best things i've seen live, incredible songs, great chords.

Lovely crowd again, seats all full. Brilliant, thanks Ian. 

I found this in the hallway:

I made some new friends then me and Kev drove me home. Result.

Thu Jun 28 2012
8:00pThe Good Ship
Kilburn, UK   

Opening for Ned Evett - lovely fella. Fretless guitarist! Amazing, over from the US on tour, fretless guitar is crazy. Small crowd, but the people who did come were cool. Some Twitter friends came down which was great. Was weird playing with less audience feedback, but like i say the people who were there seemed to like it :) 

I played OK but with some technical problems (bloody dodgy lead). Malcolm Bruce also played. Great songs that fella. 

Great jukebox - loads of Big Star and FREE. I love Big Star.

Ever onward. Kilburn is a bit rough (still).


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