Saturday, 21 July 2012

So I did a little tour (Part 1)

I did a little tour, accompanied by my friend Kev from The Fierce And The Dead on driving duties:

Gig 1

Sat Jun 9 2012
3:00pThe studio Hartlepool

First one....

5 hour drive there, 5 hour drive back. I admit it, I didn't look at the map :) 

The gig seemed to go well, busy venue, nice crowd :) One down, 7 to go. Steve the promoter was a lovely bloke. Met up with lots of people again, DPRP types etc. A few familiar faces make a big difference. Shook a lot of hands. Sadly I missed the other bands due to driving back - we were only there a couple of hours. Torrential rain on the journey, some of the roads were flooded. Scary. 

Kev backstage:

Gig 2

Sat Jun 16 2012
8:00pThe Wesley Centre, Maltby
Rotherham, UK   

With Manning. Thanks to my friend Mel for driving me to this one. Manning have a lot of kit!

Nice crowd again - here they are:

It was a bit like playing in a lecture theatre at a school. Went down well :)

I enjoyed Manning a lot, they reminded me of ELO who i love (yes, I have the ELO box set, the 80s disk is shit thou). Lovely people. 

Nice to see Miles and the CRS crew and meet up with some facebook/forum type friends who came to the gig, I really appreciate it. Having people make the effort to see you is a massive thing, especially when they often have to travel a long way to see you. 



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A pleasure to watch you work Matt!

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