Monday, 3 October 2011

I don't really like instrumental music but....

One of the things I get is "I don't really like instrumental music but I really like your stuff". I understand.

Neither do I.

Most "rock instrumentals" are a bit noodly - solos, god why the solos. Over and over. That say nothing.

I love solos when its Bill Steer and Michael Amott in Carcass or Randy Rhodes or John Coltrane and Miles Davis. Or Bill Evans.

Sadly a lot of rock solos is the process of playing fancy lick X over generic modal vamp Y. With some added noodles. I don't get it.

I'm interested in chords and composition like Radiohead, King Crimson, The Dead Kennedys, The Beatles, Husker Du, Jellyfish,Debussy and Voivod. Chords and melodies. That feeling you get when a piece of music takes you somewhere. Emotions.

The good stuff :)

Thanks loads to everyone who has been downloading and sharing Relic :)

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James Corachea said...

A few people have said that about my music. They have all been older women. I don't know what instrumental music they have heard or what they expect but I don't think it was the shreddy guitar music that you describe.

That genre can also be done right though but perhaps more often than not it isn't.


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