Thursday, 1 September 2011

Streaming gig on saturday

The limited version of the new album Relic has now sold out on CD. Thanks SO much to everyone who has pre-ordered one. We're looking at mixes this week/next week then it is down to getting the CDs done. Shouldn't take long then we can announce the final date which should still be before the end of September. I can't wait to play you it. You can still pre-order the CD version here (which is greatly appreciated). It is thanks to people like you that we can keep making this music.  

I just wanted to let you know that on Saturday I will doing a streaming gig at:

UK time 6pm (just before Doctor Who!)/1pm New York time. International times are here. The Facebook event is here. You just watch online, no need to be anywhere but in front of your computer. Easy. 

Also if anyone wants it we have put the last copy of the 2007 Parks EP on ebay. Thanks loads to everyone who has bid already, amazing support.  

Tickets are now on sale for gigs coming up, where I will be opening for the following:

Jon Gomm in Islington (he is an amazing guitar player - a bit like Andy Mckee or someone like that) -  28th September - tickets link.

Dec Burke (of Frost* fame) on the 17th September - tickets. 

And The Reasoning on the 12th November at the Borderline.  

They are all selling well so please book early :) 

And my new track Peccadillos features as an exclusive on this lovely Limited Edition CD on the Believers Roast label. It is a limited run of just 300 so get in quick. The line up for the CD is amazing:

Knifeworld: Clairvoyant Fortnight
Admirals Hard: Whip Jamboree
Arch Garrison: TBA
Redbus Noface: Jack Blind Acid
Matt Stevens: Peccadillos
Stars In Battledress: Fluent English
Sanguine Hum: The Eternal Abyss (excerpt)
William D Drake: TBA
Thumpermonkey: Wheezyboy
The Monsoon Bassoon: Siizdabadah

Well worth getting as most of these bands have really keen collectors of their stuff and all the tracks are exclusives. 

Speak soon :) 

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