Tuesday, 13 September 2011

My annual guest session/new album/Shineback

Last few weeks have been crazy busy.

I've played a bar in Liverpool with the amazing Minion TV and a house in Islington (for the excellent @Oxjamislington). Review from the Liverpool gig:

"Matt Stevens travelled from London to perform his solo acoustic guitar set on Sunday. His finger-picking magic went down a storm with the audience and many had turned up especially to see his set."

Bloody lovely audience, hellish journey thou - never ever, ever use trains on a bank holiday.

It felt like a bit of break through, the last few gigs I have gone to places where I don't know anyone and people come and see me, often people who i talk to thru Twitter and Facebook which is amazing or have discovered me through magazines etc. At Liverpool this happened more so, its really appreciated. So hopefully this means i can do gigs, the ability to bring people endears you to promoters :)

I now have the Relic masters - sending them off today, I'm REALLY pleased - I'll show you the artwork soon. The Digi-Packs will look lovely.. Also finishing off the bonus disk. Bloody crazy. But good.

I did a streaming web gig. Thanks loads to everyone who watched. I'm planning some more. And something a bit special live for next year. (that I may need some help for).

One person brought my first EP on ebay on for £23 ish quid, which is amazing and appreciated. We used to have problems selling them, I never thought they'd become collectable.

I did a session for my friend Simon from Tinyfish for his new side project, which was great fun. I'm a terrible worrier about sessiony type stuff but this was great - he just kind of said do what i do then gave me directions about things he wanted. Perfect. If you're booking me for a session don't ask me to play G C D strummed. There are a million people better than me at that. Book them. If you want noises and weird/individual/interesting stuff I'm your man but for general session work I'm properly rubbish. Anyway it was great fun - we did this thing where it was 6/8 over 4/4 that had a Discipline era KC type feel that I really enjoyed and I was happy with. The Shineback stuff sounds really good, very electronic and different to Tinyfish. Its out next year on BEM records.

On Sunday I did a gig for Oxjam at this outdoor festival thing in Islington, very odd gig but nice people and we raised £250 for Oxjam which was great.

Its all go :)

Matt Stevens

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