Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Mixing an album during a riot.

This site cheered me up a bit :)
Being honest the rioting in London threw me.
Burning cars, homes. Tragic, upsetting. Not good, really, really not good.
I was watching Watchmen on the TV Saturday night with the scenes of rioting. Then watching the news it was all a bit real.
Last night was the first night we slept. The city seems nervous, edgy. People are friendly but frightened. London is a great place to live, lets just put this behind us eh?
I hope the BNP doesn't do well out of all this.
So sad to see this happening all over the UK.
If it carries on like this we may have to move Morecambe :)
Me and Kev went through the drum parts Stu recorded last week for Relic, its just about Kev finishing mixing the album now. I'm really excited and proud of what we've done. It feels like a progression from Ghost. Very different, yet the same :) More electric and noisy.
19 copies of the limited version left. Blimey :) Thanks loads to everyone who is supporting me in doing this

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