Monday, 22 August 2011

Standing on a bail of hay trying to hit pedals in 13/8/ Rumour Cubes/ Supernormal

Supernormal by mattstevensguitar
Supernormal, a photo by mattstevensguitar on Flickr.

On Friday I played at the very wonderful Supernormal Festival - intimate, wonderful and friendly - and my friend Rob kindly gave me a lift.

Sometimes the ridiculousness of what I do really hits home. I was standing on a stage made of bails of hay with wooden planks on. Every time I moved the stage moved. It was incredibly hard to hit the loops in time, like being drunk or seasick. Especially when you're clumsy like me. You can read Robs blog of it at:

After I'd played my set someone I knew from years ago came up to me and asked me what I do for a living. When I told him "this, this music thing" I found it hard to believe even myself. Weird.

I saw Rumour Cubes - they were great, amazing soaring strings. Highly recommended.

Kev is sending mixes of Relic. I have real difficulty with this part of the recording process, signing off. Finishing.

An ending.

They say records aren't finished, they are abandoned.


All the Limited Versions of Relic have now sold out on Pre-Order. Thanks so much. I really hope you like the album, the faith of those 150 keeps me going.


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Anonymous said...

I like this. A stage made of hay and planks. And a person asking what you do. It all fits. Life!

--- Sue Basko, not really Anonymous


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