Saturday, 29 January 2011

Gigs and recording


Hope you're good?

Is all go here - recording of my 3rd album is going well (surprisingly electric) and the album by my band project The Fierce And Dead is nearly finished mixing.

This is the last weekend to get my first 2 albums for £10 on CD plus postage and packing - I try really hard to keep costs down but this is out of my control. You can order them here:

Thanks so much - your support allows me to keep making music and do it for a living, which is incredible (and they said it couldn't be done!!).

I've just been confirmed for the Electric Garden Festival in May in Blackpool - TIckets are £31 for the weekend (thursday to sunday) but day tickets are also available info is here:

Thanks loads, speak soon



Anonymous said...

Hey, congrats on the festival confirmation......good to see you getting 'oop noorth'; hope you've got your passport!

Unknown said...

Its the other side of the world :)

My wife is coming with me to keep me company - its our annual holiday :)

Anonymous said...

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