Saturday, 4 December 2010

Classic Rock Society Magazine review of Ghost

Great review of Ghost in the Classic Rock Society Magazine:

Matt Stevens – Ghost
This is an album of excellent instrumental acoustic guitar-led prog. Stevens hails from London and uses both internet and live performances to thoroughly promote himself. This is his second release. It is considered music, somehow diluting the essence of past decades into a captivating listen, giving you snippets of Fripp and Radiohead among others. I can only think of one other acoustic guitarist who pushes the boundaries, and that’s Steve Unruh (The Great Divide). The ten tracks have great intelligence and variety with common guitar loop technique, enhanced through crafted and inventive embellishment (dissonant riff, glockenspiel, bass, real & programmed drums) to create cinematic and atmospheric prog. From sparse and dark (‘Ghost’) to post-rock (‘8:19’), there’s plenty to savour. DP

Cheered me up :) - its been weird being off FB and Twitter, i've got more done to be honest but I miss the sense of community

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