Sunday, 5 December 2010

All about Tubeify

This morning I received an invite to a new music service - Tubeify. What it does is use the Last FM database to allow you to listen to virtually any song or entire album as long as its on Youtube (and most songs are). Its like Spotify with a much bigger catalogue, all the music you want streaming free to your computer. Where Spotify is limited by the albums it can license Tubeify streams them via Youtube so includes many of the artists that won't license to spotify ie The Beatles, Pink Floyd, etc. This is a very scary thing to the old music industry and I would imagine they are currently in the process of trying to shut it down. It is truly a global juke box, music as a service rather than a product.
Will this mean people will no longer download music? I think we will still, for mobile use (at the moment) but potentially this could be a really useful solution for people who just want to listen to music at home on their computers. Maybe this will make the major labels more willing to negotiate deals with the likes of Spotify. Tubeify is currently only available by invitation only but its worth emailing them on the site, apparently the invites are easy to get. Also the quality of the recording on Tubeify depends on how it was uploaded to youtube so sometimes its quite poor and volume levels can vary from song to song if you are listening to an entire album.
For indie artists it makes it even more important to have you songs available on Youtube - you don't need a video just a photo of you or your album and ideally your web address to accompany your music. Maybe Tubify is the future, maybe it isn't but someday something like it will be. The indie community can move faster than the majors who need to have every decision go through hundreds of people. This is potentially an opportunity for us DIY's to be ahead of the everyone else. You can share what you are listening to on Tubeify, wouldn't it be great if you were the first musician to become popular through Tubeify?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your piece on Tubeify!

To get invites to our service go to...

You should have the invite within 30 seconds


Unknown said...

That looks pretty cool. Is there specific service for artists or is it just if you're on YouTube and/or you'll automatically show up in the database?

Unknown said...

Thats exactly it - it just uses the last fm database to find stuff on youtube - a mash up as they say


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