Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Album Number 3 Day 1 - Electric Guitars

Its started again and its tough because I'm still recovering from the back injury but we've started recording again. Album number 3. I just hope this one doesn't take a couple of years like the last 2!

And the first change is we're using this to track guitars - my Fierce and The Dead Telecaster. The song is called Scapegoat.


The time signature is 7/8 then 6/8 for one loop then 7/8 then 6/8 then two more bars of 7/8, then an extra bar of 7. Its really melodic so it doesn't sound too odd thou!

Genius @ work - its that man Kevin Feazey again.


And if you're going to use on pedal, its that one again:

Ghost type photo taken on Sunday in the best pub on Green Lanes - using Hipstamatic on the iphone(not that I'm drinking cause of the pain killers):

I wrote this today for the live unsigned blog - Remixes for musicians.

And I'm getting ready for the ustream festival on Saturday and Sunday to raise money for the Multiple Sclerosis Society - its all very exciting :)

Speak soon


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