Friday, 22 January 2010

On My Back

Quantcast Its been on odd few weeks lying on the floor doing pretty much nothing apart from talking to folk on the internet(I've got my laptop on my chest as I type this). I have 100% learned slipped discs are not fun. The track above is Moon Dial a preview of the new album which Kevin Feazey is mixing at the moment. We might also record a few more tracks for it - Glide, Scapegoat and one more that needs a title and possibly a guest vocal. That will have to wait until my I'm on my feet again. Also there is going to be a 45 minute 3 track album by the Fierce And The Dead which is Me, Kevin Feazey(bass/kaoss pad/tape loops and production) and Stuart Marshall(who plays drums on Moon Dial the track the above track) its electric and experimental stuff with tape loops and distorted guitars. Much fun. Kev is mixing this also at the moment. I'm very lucky that we recorded a lot of stuff before my slipped disc. Thanks for al the nice messages about my back - i hope this will all be over soon and I can get back to making music soon. Matt Stevens

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