Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Da Remix

Matt Stevens Burning Bandstands Dougal Holloway Remix mp3 by mattstevensguitar Above is the first remix for my new remix project - it wasn't my idea(Dougal asked me if i'd be up for it), i wish i'd thought of it. I think hes done a superb job and loads of people have contacted me to say they agree.Its at least one thing i can do while lying on my back with a slipped disc. I put up a message on Facebook and Twitter a couple of days ago and I've had loads of great responses from really interesting people from all over the world offering to remix my stuff. Amazing how an idea can spread so quickly thanks to the interweb. So it looks like I might have 3 albums out this year a solo one, a remix one and a Fierce & The Dead One. Nice If anyone else wants to do a remix just let me know......

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