Wednesday, 22 October 2008


21.31 I made an imix - as an apple fan i suppose it was inevitable:
Songs that have made want to do music.... Spent the day at Pinna with Kev working on our new rock project (sounds a bit Melvins at the free jazz disco at the moment). Did some guitar and Kaossilator synth therimin overdubs - we didn't have enough time do a new podcast, this is our last one: or

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The stuff sounded GREAT - really looking forward to putting some real drums on. Desk at Pinna 221020082382 Kev Vocalist/Guitarist/Engineer and the only person able to play a rhythm part and not turn it into 7/8.(I must stop listening to Prog) 221020082375 Bigsby Glitter Guitar 221020082355 Tasteful sofa at the Fortress 221020082353 Pig on a Shoreditch wall 221020082348 I'm working on some Promo CD's to send out to get some gigs.... Take it easy Matt Stevens

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Anonymous said...

Cool stuff - nice to listen to it. Today (after the TV Smith gig), I will try to organize a gig for you in Germany.


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