Sunday, 7 September 2008

Pure Acoustic???

18.00 Mrs S and I are both feeling better again - should be back to normal within a couple of days and its been a great opportunity to cultivate a beard. Photo 70 This from the message board on my myspace: "Matt!! I can't believe you used 2 pedals...aaaaaargh!!! I used to have a 1-2 pedal... you kick it and it goes "check... 1 - 2" And I also had a '4-track Digital Hassler' I never used them live though, they were too hard to work with and they hated each other! But if you used 2 pedals did that mean when you pressed down on them that the songs went a little faster? I thought you were pure acoustic too :( Aw well... i'll see you over in afc sometime soon where I will elaborate on the evils of effects pedals and the effects they may have on acoustic instruments and how that in turn affects the acoustic artists effectiveness. See... it's happening already! I can feel the compression as i write this. Anyway." I couldn't care less about being "pure acoustic" even less than being pure electric. There is no other way to make music like this without pedals. Sod that - I don't want to be pure anything - i want to make MUSIC and i'll use whatever tools required to get the correct sounds. I've just started using 2 more pedals(and this encourages me even more). My rig is now: Ibanez Guitar(broken with hole in it) + LR Baggs M1 Pickup - Volume Pedal - Whammy Pedal(set to 1 octave up/1octave down) - Line 6 DL4 set to multiple Delays/Reverse delay - Echoplex Digital Pro Looper - Apple Mac Book running Gearbox with Toneport UX2 Interface Should be fun next time i play live although i will need to re-jig the set to use some of the new sound options - it sounds the same just BIGGER - more beats more harmony parts. I've written a few new songs already using the above set up, i was working on it pre food poisoning. I'll post a video Thanks for all the really nice comments!!!! Matt Stevens

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