Saturday, 6 September 2008

Getting Better All The Time

11.30 The last couple of days haven't been a lot of fun - I hate pulling out of gigs at the last minute but there was really no choice(without being too graphic) due to sickness. I did get some really nice messages about my health though, peoples kindness continues to surprise me. Mrs S has been looking after me(even though she has been ill herself). Feeling much better - not 100% as I've just spent 2 days in bed and my head is still throbbing but its good to be up and around, Sonny from Pinna is mastering Echo(my album) next week and I'm trying to learn how to design album artwork overnight (well within a week). If anyone has any tips let me know. Also can I recommend this JITTERWALL. Its the new version of the London Recording social networking site and its got a fantastic community of musicians/fans and producers. Matt Stevens

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