Monday, 22 December 2014

Latest musical adventures

Hello one and all 

Merry Christmas!!  I just wanted to say a massive thanks for all your support in 2014, it’s hugely appreciated. It’s been a good one!  

Sadly due to new VAT rules I will have to close the Bandcamp shop on the 31st of December. If you want my first three solo albums cheaper than iTunes visit (and some downloads unavailable elsewhere):

For the next week I’ve also made available again the Live in Blackpool album for £3 as there probably won’t be another opportunity for me to sell it:

Thanks to everyone who has downloaded from there in the last few years, any downloads between now and the end of the year will help to support future projects and are greatly appreciated. 

If you have a few minutes if you could vote for me/Fierce And The Dead in the Prog magazine readers poll that would be greatly appreciated:

And the DPRP readers poll:

Voting in these makes a massive difference to me as it helps to get attention to my bloody weird music. Thanks for all your support.

Speak soon 

Matt Stevens


Unknown said...

Hi, Matt, I'm very sorry about this crap, but I'm not going to follow you on iTunes, unless they start shipping lossless downloads. I hope those issues with Bandcamp get sorted soon in some ways. Have a nice Christmas.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mmaariana said...

Hi, I have a read to your blog. it is a nice blog. Thanks for sharing your views.


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