Sunday, 21 September 2014

Matt Stevens - September/October Newsletter

Thanks to everyone who preordered the Echo album re-issue, it meant a lot to me. They have now arrived from the printers and I’ll be signing, numbering and sending them out in the next few days. I have a tiny amount left at:

I managed to get my Telecaster fixed (with a new Bare Knuckle Pickups humbucker) and my pedal board working thanks to these sales. Thanks loads. 

The Fierce And The Dead play one last UK show at the Black Heart in Camden on the 16th October 2014 with Trojan Horse, Sumer and Mannheim. Tickets are available here:

And are selling well, thanks loads and would be great to see you there. 

My friend Emmett Elvin releases his new album on Monday, I played on one of the tracks. You can hear and order it here:

I’m so pleased to say I’m playing Summers End festival this year, the other final UK solo Lucid gigs are:

September 27th 2014 - Summers End Festival - Acoustic Stage

Oct 5 2014 10:00am Pudsey Civic Hall, Pudsey, UK

Oct 10th 8.00pm The Balham, London supporting the United Progressive Fraternity 

Nov 23 2014 10:00am Aintree Racecourse, Liverpool, UK

After this activity I’m going to take some time off and work out new directions and ideas for the future. Keep trying new ideas. I want to focus on gigs outside the UK and collaborations and the next Fierce And The Dead record. Which all becomes research and development for solo album 5 anyway, whether thats a year or ten years away in the future.

Speak soon and thanks for your support. 

Take care. 

Matt Stevens

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